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Our Services

Our full range of services has been designed to save you time and money.

We guide you in finding the appropriate vehicle according to your budget and usage.

The sale of a vehicle can be quite time-consuming.

With you can sell your car swiftly without having to go through any of the selling procedures.

  • We assist you with the valuation of the vehicle.
  • We provide advice regarding the reconditioning of your car prior to the sale (if need be) in order to sell it quicker and for the best price.
  • We advertise your vehicle.
  • We monitor visits of the potential buyers.
  • We perform all the administrative procedures for the sale of your car including:
  1. The collection of the ‘gage’ paper at the National Transport Authority
  2. The registration of the deed of sale at the Registrar office
  3. The collection of your insurance certificate at your Insurance company
  4. The transfer of ownership on the registration book at the NTA.

We will help you find leasing contracts adapted to your needs and budget. We advise you on which leasing companies to select according to your requirements.

We offer advice on where to service and carry out mechanical repairs on your vehicle.
In case of minor collisions and mishaps, we advise and recommend where to carry out Body & Paint repairs.

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